1. What is Detox?

Detox is the act of taking time off from your regular diet and eliminating unnecessary substances from your body such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Cleansing your digestive system by abstaining from solid foods and supplying it with nutrients found in fruits and vegetables helps reset and reboot your body by flushing out toxins.


2. But I read somewhere that my body is capable of cleansing naturally. Is this just a fad? 

It’s 100% true that our bodies are capable of cleansing! Our built-in detox organs like the liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, and gut process and remove toxins and waste products from our bodies.

But due to unhealthy lifestyle choices, these organs are sometimes overwhelmed, overworked, and overmatched.  A detox or cleanse program is a way to help our organs by giving them a chance to rest and recover. Think of it as like pressing a reboot or reset button for your body.


3. Aside from cleansing, what other benefits does a detox provide?

Doing a juice detox helps in breaking unhealthy eating patterns.  It also helps your body absorb nutrients from food more efficiently after your cleanse period. By adapting to a more mindful eating pattern, you may start to feel that less—and the right kind—of food can fill you up quicker, making you more energetic and more in tune with your body.

Going on a detox fast may also result in weight loss, but the main goal of a cleansing diet is to prompt your body to reboot, reset, and re-balance itself from within.


4. What are the side effects?

Your body may react differently to the juice cleanse compared to others. Here are the natural tendencies due to the detox:

- Heightened energy levels

- Feeling light

- Clarity of mind and emotions

- Fatigue, aches, pains

- Emotional duress

- Acne, rashes, cold-like symptoms

We call these “healing crises,” temporary effects of increased levels of toxins as they leave your body. These are more pronounced if you are used to a diet high in processed foods. However, the symptoms are not serious and will pass soon enough. For tips on alleviating the effects, see #16.


5. Which Sexy Beast detox program is right for me? 

Our 1, 2, and 3-day cleanses are designed to fit the needs and lifestyles of most people.

1-day cleanse: If you have no previous experience with fasting or if you want a gentler experience. You want a quick flush and beauty boost and do not have time for a longer cleanse. 2-3 day detox: you already had some experience in cleansing and fasting and you need to make a bigger change.

Beginners - For individuals with higher caloric requirements

Balanced - For maintenance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle and mindful eating

Advanced - For more experienced cleansers

For more information, go to sexybeastjuice.com/beast-program or call 0917 144 SEXY (7399).


6. Can I customize my detox program? 

You can! We’ll be guiding you in choosing which drinks best fit your program. This is usually based on your preferred flavors and the functions that will work for your needs.


7. How should I prepare?

Include plenty of raw vegetables and fruits in your diet for two days before the 1st day to minimize shocking your system. While on detox, consume at least 2-3 liters of distilled water/day. Black coffee and herbal teas may be consumed throughout the fast. Peppermint tea is good for its calming and strengthening effect on the nerves. It's also good for indigestion, nausea, and flatulence.

You may eat nuts except peanuts, pistachio, and cashew for those who are on the Beginners and Balanced Programs. Our Nut Milks already have cashew on them to take care of your nuts requirement. Avoid nuts altogether when you are on the Advanced Program.

Fasts should be ended as gradually as they are entered. After detox, consume a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables. Eat very small, frequent meals made from fresh, whole foods.


8. Is there a specific order of drinking the juices?

You can consume our Sexy Beast juices in any order, provided that you take it in two-hour intervals. Start drinking one right after waking up, and another after 2 to 3 hours or whenever you feel hungry.

Drinking lots of water is always recommended!


9. Do I need to consume everything? 

It is recommended that you consume all drinks part of your program. Just follow #8 and you should be good.


10. Is it safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should abstain from detox. Our juices may contain emmenagogue herbs, which stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus. However, Sexy Beast Nut Milks (Muscle Mend & Mighty Muscle) and Abs Water are safe to drink.


11. So all I'm going to drink is juice? What if I get hungry? 

To get optimal results, abstaining from solid foods is the ideal way to do a detox.  But fortunately, we’re letting you in on a secret cheat! Read on! (wink wink)


12. What do I eat during or after detox? 

If you’re craving to bite something solid during detox, you can eat Sexy Beast's Banana Chewies, dehydrated veggies, kale chips, or seaweed strips. You may also eat cooked leafy veggies like kangkong, pechay, alugbati, and spinach, for those who are on a plant-based diet.

Avoid cruciferous vegetables, both cooked and uncooked (like broccoli and cauliflower), raw salad staples (lettuce and arugula), and turnips (singkamas) because they cause bloating.

Clear broth of your choice may also be consumed during the detox.  

After detox, it’s best to ease your way back into your normal eating habits. Try light meals like soups and salads during the first few days, then you can reincorporate other food groups one at a time.

Stay the course by maintaining mindful eating habits. we recommend grabbing some Fast Beauty Food - our concept of eating healthy without sacrificing the yummy! This is our version of Fast Food done right (and sexy!). Our lineup of Fast Beauty Food items include Banana Chewies and Sexy Dawg sausages — all guaranteed natural and free from any artificial colors, preservatives, nitrates, nitrites and MSG.

You can also do the OMAD or One Meal A Day diet by replacing two meals with Sexy Beast juices from time to time. For best results, continue drinking Sexy Beast juices while enjoying Sexy Dawg sausages, Banana Chewies, and Keto Koffee.


13. How often should I detox?

Nadine Tengco, the Philippines’ top celebrity food coach and Sexy at Any Age guru, recommends a monthly detox especially for women after their period. Detox may also reduce bloating among women before or during their period.

Popular reasons for detox include preparing for an important event or “The Big Day” (such as weddings, birthdays, photoshoots, etc.), before a beach holiday, or after periods of overindulgence on rich foods, alcohol, and unhealthy snacks like the holiday season.

Just a reminder: the recommended maximum number of days for detox is 7 days. Then take 7 days of rest, and you can do the detox again. 


14. Will I be in the bathroom constantly? 

You will urinate frequently. Some have experienced more than the usual frequency of bowel movements. However, you will be able to go about your day normally!


15. Can I exercise during the cleanse

Yes! Exercise aids in the flushing and detoxification process. The point of doing detox is to create movement, to help your body pass things along. We don’t, however, suggest any weight-lifting or strength-training routines during detox. We suggest brisk walking, yoga or maybe even a swim. 


16. Should I continue my multivitamins? 

You can! This is up to you. Multivitamins are generally taken when you don’t get the basic nutrients from food. However, by consuming the recommended detox juices, you already get over 20 lbs of fresh herbs, veggies, and fruits a day- the best whole food-based multivitamins on the market.


17. How many calories are in each product? 

Replace your "calorie counting" mindset with "portioning." As you do your OMAD (One Meal A Day diet) and after your cleanse, Nadine recommends a balanced diet of 75% protein and vegetables, and 25% carbs. It's best to keep a healthy relationship with the right kind of food.


18. Is there anything else I need to do? 

We strongly recommend the following: dry skin brushing, a 15-minute steam/sauna session, and a lymphatic drain massage to speed up the detoxification process, especially during the 3-day detox. But if you choose not to avail of these services, simply commit to daily gentle exercises. Many people enjoy doing yoga, which gives the internal organs a good boost.

For longer fasts, you may opt to have a colon cleanse session with a licensed practitioner.


19. Can I pay via online transfer or credit card? 

Yes. Just let us know and we’ll send you the details.


20. Can I drop by to pick-up my order and pay?

You can. Let us know where your location is so we can recommend a branch.


21. Can I do a D.I.Y. Detox? 

Here’s a link that can help you plan your own detox regimen - sexybeastjuice.com/article/diy-detox


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