Drink Your Veggies

The Beast Program

Fully customize your detox program to your liking and level.


Step 1: Choose a duration

1 Day            2 Days            3 Days

Php 2,255        Php 4,510       Php 6,765

Inclusive of 1 cooler bag per day. Exclusive of delivery fees.

Prices subject to change without prior notice.



Step 2: Choose your level


Good for 1st timers
For athletes or individuals with higher caloric requirements

2 x Greens
2 x Roots
2 x Nut Milks
1 x Citrus
1 x Abs Water



For cleansers maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle
For people who eat clean

2 x Greens
2 x Roots
2 x Citrus
1 x Nut Milk
1 x Abs Water



For experienced cleansers - Vegetable based, maximum results

3 x Greens
2 x Roots
2 x Citrus
1 x Abs Water


Step 3: Choose your juices


Greens Roots Citrus Nuts Milks

Energy Burst

Endurance Booster

Beastie Best

Mighty Muscle

Fat Flush

Skin Glow

Metabolic Charger

Muscle Mend

Belly Trimmer


Immunity Boost


Hangover Remedy







Step 4: Juice up and slim down


Enjoy our delicious #PotentBeautyPotion!


You may consume the juices in any order. Shake well before opening. Drink Sexy Beast juice every 2 hours. 

Refrigerate immediately upon receipt of juices. Do not freeze.




Meet the Beasts

Bye Bye Fat
Restore Strength & Vitality
Strong is Sexy
Beat the bloat